News About Turkish REACH (KKDIK)

It was published the regulation named KKDIK (Turkish REACH) on 23 June 2017 by Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of Turkish Republic and formally came into effect on 23 Dec. 2017. KKDIK corresponds to regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. (REACH)
The regulation shares many similarities with EU REACH, thus it is also called Turkey REACH. Turkey is one of the EU's candidate countries and is constantly in the process of transferring EU legislation to national law.

The regulation has been modelled on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of chemicals (REACH) Regulation (EC) 1907/2006, known as EU REACH. According to KKDIK article 1, the purpose of this regulation to ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment of chemicals Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction procedures and administrative and technical guidelines, as well as alternative methods for the evaluation of the hazards of presentation materials.

Since the obligations tomeet the criterias specified in KKDIK belongs to the manufacturer, importer, downstream user or only representative, these bodies are responsible for ensuring that the substances produced and used do not harm human health and the environment.

 KKDIK Turkish-REACH replaces the following 3 legislations:

lisam Regulation on the Inventory and Control of Chemicals, No. 27092 (replaced on 23 June 2017),
lisam Regulation on the Restrictions Relating to the Production, Supply to the Market and Use of Certain Hazardous Materials, Products and Goods, No. 27092 (replaced on 23 December 2017),
lisam Regulation on the Preparation and Distribution of Safety Datasheets for Hazardous Materials and Products, No. 29204 (will be replaced on 31 December 2023).

KKDIK enforces registration undertakings on manufacturers or importes of a substance who is based in Turkey and manufacturing or importing of chemical substances on their own, in a mixture or in an article in quantities equal to or more than 1 ton per year, that they must register the chemical substances which they manufature or import within the scope of KKDIK.  

The registration duties divides into 2 phases: pre-registration and registration.

23 December 2017 – 31 December 2020: pre-registration / pre-SIEF phase
01 January 2021 – 31 December 2023: late pre-registration / late pre-SIEF phase
01 January 2021 – 31 December 2023: Registration phase 

KKDIK does not have a "late pre-registration" stage between the Pre-Registration and Registration stages Unlike EU REACH. 

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