Turkey GHS Implementation

Turkey GHS Implementation

Turkey implemented UN GHS for substances on 1 June 2015, for mixtures on 1 June 2016. It was published as “SEA Regulation”, the Turkish Regulation on Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures in the Official Gazette No. 28848, dated 11 December 2013, and entered fully into force on 1 June 2016. Like the EU CLP Regulation, there is a requirement for manufacturers and importers to notify substance classification into a classification and labelling (C&L) inventory.

The scope of the SEA Regulation is the same as the EU CLP. After 1 June 2015, new substances (with a hazard classification, resulting in classification of the product [i.e., substance as such or in a mixture or released from an article]) must be notified within one month of being placed on the market.

The regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (KKDİK, aka Regulation 30105, Turkish REACH or TR-REACH), published on June 2017, contains an Annex 2 which sets out the requirements of Turkish Safety Data Sheets (SDS). The transition date is 31 December 2023; on that date, the currently existing Regulation on Safety Data Sheets will be repealed. The SDS requirements are aligned with EU/453/2010.

The Turkish Ministry has in December 2018 opened for comments a Draft regulation on “Classification Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures”. The regulation is prepared to be in harmonization with the 13th ATP of EU CLP. The SEA update has been sent to the Presidency approval and is expected to be published late 2020. Regarding Poison Centre notification provisions, the current draft states that the Ministry of Health oversees this, with a time frame of January 2025.


Chemicals except medical/pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, feed, radioactive substances, non-isolated intermediates, wasted and national defence industry

Deadline for substances:

In force (1 June 2015)

Deadline for mixtures:

In force (1 June 2016)

Substance classification list:

Like CLP Annex VI as amended with ATP 3. The classifications of boric compounds with carcinogenic classification are different (i.e., not classified as carcinogenic).

HazCom (SDS, label):

Safety Data Sheets and labels must be in Turkish language. Safety Data Sheets must be authored by a certified person and the certificate information must be displayed in Section 16 of the SDS.

SDS must be issued according to KKDIK-Turk REACH after 31 December 2023. Until the end of 2023, SDS could also be compiled according to current SDS regulation (29204).

Additional information:

Notification requirement like CLP.

C&L Notification to C&L inventory will also apply after implementation, within 1 month, so starting from 1 Jun 2015.