Turkish SDS Authoring and Services

Lisam Systems Turkey offers Turkish SDS authoring, translation, certification and compliance services for all chemical industry in Turkey and abroad. Many aspects of the Global Harmonized Systems (GHS) have already been implemented in Turkey for Turkey chemical industry.

The GHS Regulation came into force when The Turkey Official Gazette published the GHS Regulations with the set transitional periods in December 2014. The full implementation of the regulation has been implemented as of June 1, 2016 for both hazardous substances and mixtures. An SDS (formerly known as MSDS) includes information such as the properties of each chemical; the physical, health, and environmental health hazards; protective measures; and safety precautions for handling, storing, and transporting the chemical.

Our Main Turkish SDS Authoring and Translation Services

  • lisam Hazard classification of your products in accordance with Turkish-SEA regulations or other GHS regulations,
  • lisam Preparation of labels of your products in accordance with Turkish-SEA regulation or other GHS regulations,
  • lisam Transport calculations in accordance with ADR-RID-IATA-ADR-ADN regulations and recommendations should be given,
  • lisam Classification and Labelling Notifications,
  • lisam Notifications via Electronic Environment Notification System,
  • lisam Compliance of your SDS in other languages and regulations and translation of them into Turkish,
  • lisam Turkish SDS authoring, SDS certification and translation service,
  • lisam Evaluation of the hazardous of your substances, mixtures or products and giving the necessary recommendations,
  • lisam Detergent, cosmetics, VOC, biocidal, PIC calculations,
  • lisam Checking and certifying the Turkish safety data sheets you have prepared,
  • lisam Giving the necessary test recommendations for your substances and mixtures,
  • lisam Extended-GBF / extended-SDS authoring service,

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Key Safety Data Sheet / GBF / MSDS preparation&certification languages and regulations:

SDS Translation Languages

We provide SDS Authoring and Services with the languages below:

lisam English
lisam Russian
lisam Croatian
lisam Hebrew
lisam French
lisam Greek
lisam Danish
lisam Thai
lisam Dutch
lisam Czech
lisam Ukrainian
lisam Portuguese (BR)
lisam German
lisam Bulgarian
lisam Chinese
lisam Spanish (MX)
lisam Turkish
lisam Latvian
lisam Arabic 
lisam Vietnamese
lisam Swedish
lisam Lithuanian
lisam Japanese
lisam Chinese
lisam Finnish
lisam Maltese
lisam Serbian
lisam Hindi 
lisam Norwegian
lisam Slovak 
lisam Malaysian
lisam Tamil
lisam Hungarian
lisam Slovenian
lisam Korean
lisam Canadian (FR) 
lisam Spanish
lisam Estonian
lisam English US
lisam Albanian 
lisam Portuguese
lisam Irish Gaelic
lisam Icelandic
lisam Georgian
lisam Italian
lisam Romanian
lisam Indonesian
lisam Kazakh
lisam Polish
lisam Farsi 
lisam Afrikaans
lisam Macedonian
lisam Serbian (Cyrilic)
lisam Tagalog
lisam Spanish (Latin America)


SDS Authoring Legislations

We provide SDS authoring services with the regulation below:

lisam Regulation No. 29204 on Safety Data Sheets for hazardous substances and mixtures
lisam Regulation No. 28848 on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures
lisam Regulation No:30105 By- Law on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (KKDİK-Turk REACH)
lisam EC no 1272/2008 European Union CLP regulation
lisam EC No 1907/2006 EU REACH regulation
lisam GHS Malaysia
lisam GHS Mexico
lisam GHS Australia
lisam GHS New Zealand
lisam GHS Brasil
lisam GHS Singapore
lisam GHS Canada
lisam GHS Russia
lisam GHS Canada (WHMIS 2015)
lisam GHS Taiwan
lisam GHS Çin
lisam GHS Thailand
lisam GHS EU REACH Annex II - EIGA (Gas)
lisam GHS UN
lisam GHS UK
lisam GHS USA
lisam JIS / JCDB
lisam Cosmetics / IFRA
lisam South Korea / K-REACH
lisam Detergent Regulation



What is an SDS?

The word “Material Safety Data Sheet” represents the initials of the phrase. The literature no longer uses the word” Material " and is referred to only as SDS (Safety Data Sheet). Its counterpart in Turkish legislation is "Safety Data Sheet". Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of chemical substances or mixtures of negative effects on human health and the environment, physiochemical hazards related risks, including in addition to describing the measures to be taken against 16 major sections and 48 sub-headings (compatible KKDIK 30105 Extended SDS 49 units in sub-include the title of the Chemical Safety document.)
The GBF / MSDS preparation requirement will provide comprehensive information about a substance or mixture for use in regulatory framework studies for controlling chemicals in the workplace. Employers [and workers] use GBF/MSDS to obtain information about damages, including environmental damages, and to obtain advice on safety measures. The preparation of GBF / MSDS is relevant to the product and does not generally include specific information about any workplace where the product is to be used as a final product (where there are no attached exposure scenario(s)). But where products have customized end uses, the information in GBF-SDS can be more worker-oriented. The information therefore allows the employer to develop an active program of worker protection measures, including training, which is specific to a single workplace, and to evaluate any measures that may be necessary to protect the environment.

General Information About Turkish SDS-GBF

T. C. The Ministry of Environment and Urban published classification, labelling and packaging regulation (SEA) in the Official Gazette No. 28848 on 11 December 2013. As with the EU CLP regulation, there has been a transition period prior to the legislation taking effect as of 1 June 2016. The aim of this regulation is to protect human health and the environment against adverse effects from substances, mixtures and goods on the market and to regulate the administrative and technical requirements related to classification, labelling and packaging. A Turkish SDS must be prepared by a certified SDS author or certified chemical assessment specialist (CAS). Turkish SDS certification and compilation is provided by out accredited experts.



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