General Overview

Lisam Systems Turkey Regulatory Services


 Our regulatory consulting experts can help your company comply with local, regional, and global health and environmental regulatory requirements that impact your products today and in the future.
  An increasing number of consumers and businesses are choosing safe and environmentally friendly products and manufacturers when making a purchase decision.
  Health and environmental legislation will require compliance by manufacturers, retailers, brand managers, traders, and distributors across the globe.
  Some examples are KKDİK (Turkish REACH), Turkish CLP (SEA), REACH, CLP, US TSCA, California Proposition 65.
  Current and upcoming health and environmental regulatory requirements mandate compliance by manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and distributors across the globe. How does your business plan to meet the new and ever-expanding global requirements today and tomorrow?

  Services can include:

lisam Identification of applicable requirements, including regulatory requirements, market and customer drivers, etc.
lisam Developing regulatory strategy and submissions 
lisam Compliance Assurance Process implementation
lisam Direct access to on-call consulting support 
lisam Regulatory and research Q&A style support 
lisam Real-time Information Change Notices (ICNs) on important changes to health and environmental requirements
lisam Substantiating waiver requests and read-across arguments lisam Developing exposure limits and residue tolerances
lisam Providing product safety and efficacy evaluations lisam Conducting human health and environmental risk assessments
& mechanistic evaluations of unique chemical hazards
lisam Regulatory studies and advisory services lisam Safety Data Sheet Authoring lisam Exposure Scenario Authoring lisam KKDİK (Turkish REACH) Only Representative Services
lisam Lisam team relies on a highly experienced team of professionals having a top-level technical ability and know-how within the KKDIK (T-REACH) industrial reality. 
lisam Lisam Turkey also offers an important level of independence and solvency.
lisam Lisam team includes experts in all areas of safety and risk prevention within the industry to meet the challenges of the sector in terms of product safety and to provide the technical assistance required to ensure safety levels compatible with its activity, the environment and in compliance with regulatory requirements for Turkish REACH (KKDIK) and other regulations.

  With Lisam's regulatory consulting and strategy services, companies can effectively:

lisam Manage compliance strategy and risks
lisam Ensure global health and environmental compliance for your products
lisam Develop and sustain a competitive advantage
lisam Protect your brand Preparation of data requirements and documentation for notification (including determination of physicochemical, toxicological, and eco-toxicological characteristics of substances if required) 
lisam Assessment of your company’s regulatory obligations Minimize business impacts such as loss of sales, product recall, and obsolete inventory
lisam Strategy and consulting services Regulatory corporate training act as 'Turkish Representative’ on the behalf of non-Turkish operators
lisam Liaison with Turkish authorities where required Submission of notifications in the format required
lisam Manage compliance strategy and risks
lisam Reach Turkey (KKDIK)
lisam Registration
lisam Authorisation
lisam Only Representative (KKDIK Turkish REACH)
lisam Biocides
lisam Safety Data Sheets
lisam Classification and Labelling (CLP)
lisam SIEF and Consortia Management
lisam Training
lisam From the very first services developed by Lisam, the capacities of its professionals have allowed emerging new challenges, new legislation or new formats to be thoroughly addressed.