KKDIK Late Pre-Registration After 31.12.2020

KKDIK Late Pre-Registration


31.12.2020 is the deadline for pre-registration period, but our customers have repeatedly consulted us about the possibility of Late pre-registration under KKDIK after this date.
In order for manufacturers, importers and only representatives to submit joint registration in accordance with KKDIK Regulation; it is an obligation first to send pre-SIEF (pre-registrations) via KKS.
Companies that send pre-SIEF (pre-registration); By making inquiries, SIEF can access the contact information of other companies that have sent the pre-MBDF of the same substance, so that it can contact the manufacturer, importer and only representatives of the same substance before the registration process regarding the issues related to data and cost sharing required for registration.
But in terms of the fact that the registration process will continue until 31/12/2023 and the system is active for substances that will be placed on the market after 31/12/2020, the pre-SIEF (pre-registration) module will not close after 31/12/2020 and will continue its function. (late pre-registration)