KKDİK Industry Obligations

KKDIK Industry Obligations


Drawing upon the extensive experience of our specialists, gained in helping companies of all kinds in every industry sector, this service is just what you need for that expert support and peace of mind. We can help you at any stage of the SEA (Turkish CLP) or KKDİK (Turkish-REACH) compliance process, from the first steps of getting to grips with the legislation, to helping you assess your progress towards compliance or assisting you audit your own supply chain. Our consultancy service is designed just for your needs..



lisam Registrant: Manufacturer, importer and only representative;
lisam Target: all substances manufactured or imported greater than 1t/y, including substances intended to be released from articles.
lisam KKDİK Pre-registration (pre-SIEF) deadline: 31 Dec 2020
lisam KKDİK Registration deadline: 31 Dec 2023
lisam Four tonnage bands are: 
1-10t/y, 10-100t/y, 100-1000t/y, 1000t/y+;
lisam Data requirement and risk assessment report similar to REACH EU.
lisam Reduced registration requirements for substances used for product and process-oriented research and isolated intermediates.
lisam For polymers, monomers shall be registered if the volume of monomer exceeds 1t/y.
lisam Joint submission is mandatory.

Turkish SDS (GBF)

lisam 16-sections GHS compliant safety data sheet (MSDS-GBF);
lisam Must be in Turkish,
lisam Must be prepared by certified Turkish SDS authors or Chemical Safety Assessors.


lisam Must comply with restriction conditions set out in annex 17;
lisam Annex 17 similar to  REACH Annex XVII Restricted Substances List.


lisam Substances on Annex-14 cannot be manufactured, imported or used unless an authorization has been granted;
lisam Candidate substances for inclusion in annex 14 similar to  EU SVHC candidate list;
lisam Annex 14 similar to  REACH Annex XIV Authorization List

Turkish REACH (KKDİK) and EU REACH Differences

lisam KKDIK requires that only trained and qualified experts sign off registrations and notifications.
lisam Other than that, there are no major differences between Turkish KKDIK regulation and EU REACH.
lisam To comply with KKDIK regulation, companies mainly need to do the following 3 things:
lisam Pre-register (pre-SIEF) /register applicable substances greater than 1t/y before given deadline. 
lisam If your company is based outside of Turkey, you may need to appoint a local only representative.
lisam Ensure that your safety data sheets are compliant.
lisam Monitor the list of substances subject to authorization on annex 14 and the list of restricted substances on annex 17.

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