KKDIK PPORD Notification

KKDIK Turkish RECH exemption from the general obligation to register for product and process orientated research and development (PPORD) described as: Any scientific development related to product development or the further development of a substance, on its own, in mixtures or in articles in the course of which pilot plant or production trials are used to develop the production process and/or to test the fields of application of the substance;

In order to encourage innovation, a substance that has been manufactured or imported in a limited amount for the purpose of PPORD has been exempted for 5 years, in accordance with Article 10 of KKDIK, by the manufacturer, importer or manufacturer of goods or in cooperation with their listed customers.

The manufacturer or importer of a substance, or the manufacturer of articles containing a substance (otherwise to be registered), is exempted from registering the amount of imported or manufactured substance for the purpose of 
PPORD in accordance with Article 10 (1) of KKDIK.

 KKDIK Turkish REACH PPORD Notification Dossier Include:

A manufacturer or importer or manufacturer of substances that informs the Ministry of intention to make PPORD on its own or in cooperation with its listed customers is exempted from registration. For this purpose, the person to notify submits an electronic file to the Ministry through the Chemical Registration System (KKS). The file contains the following information: 
lisam The identity of the manufacturer, importer or article producer according to the first part of Annex-6, 
lisam The identity of the substance according to the second part of Annex-6, 
The person preparing the report should make sure that any possible changes in the composition of the substance (which can be predicted in scientific experiments) are also taken into account when reporting according to the second part of Annex-6.
lisam The classification of the substance, if any, according to the fourth section of Annex-6;
lisam Estimated quantity according to subsection 3.1 of Annex-6: this information includes: the amount of substance to be manufactured or imported for the purpose of USOAG for the calendar year to be notified.