KKDİK Technical Dossier Services

One component of the complex and time-consuming KKDİK (Turkish REACH) Registration process is the creation and submission of a technical dossier to the MoEU. There are two kinds of registration: individual submission and joint submission. The registration dossier should include: physicochemical, toxicological, ecotoxicological properties of substances, human and environmental exposure, intended uses, classification and labelling, and proposed risk management measures.

Main KKDİK Registration Technical Dossier Services

  • lisam KKDİK (Turkish REACH) Technical Dossier data gap analysis,
  • lisam Consulting support from LISAM KKDİK chemical safety assessors,
  • lisam SIEF and Consortia Management when needed,
  • lisam Perform literature searches to locate available data on substances of interest,
  • lisam Evaluate existing study reports and rate according to Klimisch criteria,
  • lisam Analyze available data against the KKDİK requirements to identify key studies and any gaps,
  • lisam Confirm key studies and prepare robust and endpoint summaries for KKS,
  • lisam Develop Derived-No-Effect-Levels (DNELS),
  • lisam Fill any gaps using scientific strategies that may include the use of: KKDİK testing, Exposure Scenarios, waiver arguments, (Q)SARs and extrapolation, read-across data,
  • lisam Creation of IUCLID 5 Dossier and Submission of completed KKDİK Registration Dossier to MoEU,

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