KKDİK Timetable

Lisam’s consulting service provides companies access to our team of KKDİK (Turk-REACH) experts who can address your questions regarding your company's specific KKDİK obligations. This service is applicable for all levels and sizes of business in numerous industries. Compliance with KKDİK is mandatory for continued sales of chemicals and products in Turkey. Over 30,000 chemicals are expected to fall under the scope of the KKDİK Regulation (No:30105), and require that manufacturers, importers and distributors of substances, preparations and articles fulfill their KKDİK obligations. In addition to sharing KKDİK expertise, Lisam’s on-call consulting service also provides subscribers with access to continuously updated information on changes to and clarification of KKDİK requirements.


KKDİK Deadlines

DateKKDİK Deadline Requirements
23 June 2017KKDİK (Turk REACH) Regulation Publication Date
23 December 2017pre-SIEF starts  for substances under KKDİK (pre-registration)
31 December 2020pre-SIEF ends for substances under KKDİK (pre-registration)
1 January 2021Registration starts for the substances under KKDİK (Tonnage band does not affect deadlines)
31 December 2023
Registration ends for the substances under KKDİK (amendment)
31 December 2026
Substances at ≥1 000 t/a 
Substances classified as Aquatic Acute 1 and Aquatic Chronic 1 (H400, H410) at ≥100 t/a 
CMR substances (Category 1A and 1B) at ≥1 t/a 
31 December 2028
Substances at 100 – 1 000 t/a
31 December 2030
Substances at 1 – 100 t/a

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