What is KKDİK (Turkish REACH) ?

What is KKDİK (Turkish REACH)?


  Regulation is known as KKDIK, it is an acronym in the Turkish language for Registration (Kayit), Evaluation (Değerlendirme), Authorization (İzni) and Restriction (Kısıtlanması) of Chemicals (Kimyasalların).
 KKDİK (Turkish-REACH) is a regulation of Turkish Republic, adopted from EU-REACH to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals, while enhancing the competitiveness of TR chemicals industry.
  It also promotes alternative methods for the hazard assessment of substances in order to reduce the number of tests on animals.
 The purpose of KKDİK (Turkish REACH) is to ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment, including the promotion of alternative methods for assessment of hazards of substances while enhancing competitiveness and innovation.
  KKDİK (Turkish REACH) covers manufacturing, placing on the market or use of the substances on their own, in a mixture or in an article and placing the mixtures on the market. Save where KKDİK (Turkish REACH) provides otherwise, any manufacturer or importer of a substance, either on its own or in one or more mixture (s), in quantities of one tons or more per year shall submit a registration to the Ministry through Chemicals Registration System in the website of Ministry.


 KKDİK (Turkish REACH) Key Points

lisam Unless otherwise specified in KKDİK (Turkish REACH), the manufacturer or importer who manufactures or imports the substance in its own form or in the mixture one or more tonne per year applies for registration to the Ministry of Environment through the Chemical Registration System on the website of the Ministry.
lisam KKDİK (Turkish REACH) is based on the principle that manufacturers, importers and downstream users should ensure that they do not adversely affect human health or the environment in processes such as manufacturing, placing on the market and using chemicals. According to KKDİK (Turkish REACH), the responsibility of managing the risks of the substances belongs to the real or legal persons who manufacture, import, market or use these substances within the framework of their professional activities.
lisam Manufactured in Turkey or imported into the country, registrations of chemical substances within the scope of the KKDİK regulation (Turkish REACH) will submitted through the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization's online Chemical Registration System (CRS).
lisam All registrants, shall send a pre-SIEF including below mentioned information to the Ministry through Chemicals Registration System in the website of Ministry until 31/12/2020: (pre-registration deadline)
a) substance identity according to Annex-6; b) Role in the supply chain
lisam All registrations will be completed between 01 January 2021-31 December 2023.

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